Marina and Piermario

The sea in Porto Ercole and the setting sun gave Marina and Piermario the perfect light…

Gaia and Remì

The magic of the Venice Lagoon framed Gaia and Remì’s most special day. As soon as they left the church they were cradled in an elegant gondola…

Virginia and Stefano

Virginia and Stefano’s dreams came true…

  • 1350-ta1


    Moments and emotions

    My photography aims to spontaneously capture a single moment, embracing every nuance and freezing the moment in a photo which can be relived forever.
  • 0060 de blasio


    Global expression

    Photographic art makes it possible to express a personal vision of the world and to communicate this vision to anyone, unconditionally, using a universal language. The camera becomes a new sense, an extension of the photographer’s eyes and a bridge from artist to subject and beyond.

Weddings & Events

An exclusive castle for a fairytale ceremony, a shabby-chic style farmhouse in the countryside or a sumptuous hotel for a memorable event, whatever you choose, photography will make the emotion of those moments unforgettable.